Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Top 10

Top 10 favorite things about Nicargua so far (in no specific order)...

1. Maduros (fried, matured plantains. Very sweet.)
2. The Italian Restaurant in Matagalpa (nothing is better than homemade ravioli after eating rice and beans, in different combinations, at every meal).
3. Fruit, fruit, fruit...bananas that taste like apples!
4. Las Vacas (the cows). They are really cute, and its not because I´m a vegitarian. They have big ears (Cynthia).
5. The great love Nicaraguans have for American 80´s music
6. Veggie burger made from the flower of a banana tree
7. Our neighbors, especialy their daughter, Sareta who yells ¡Hola! and ¡Adios! whenever we come and go from the house.
8. The smell of clean floors (Brad).
9. The smiles of people who get rides (after a long and drawn out process, we finally bought a pick-up truck).
10. Diminutive language...Nicaraguans love to add ¨ita¨on the ends of words. There is no equivilant in English, but basically means smaller than small. So instead of saying ¨frijoles¨, someone might say ¨Frijolitas.¨
Bonus: Seeing green in October!

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adrian anderson said...

the thing i luv the most about nicaragua is the two of you, and yes i refered to the two of you as one entity! Luv A