Wednesday, October 18, 2006

La Chelita

A new addition to our life here...La Chelita. After two weeks of stress (and neglect of the blog), we finally found and bought a camioneta, or pick-up. It is a very manly mobile(big tires, no power steering). Honoring the Nica tradition of naming your automoble after your loved one, we named it La Chelita. This translates roughly to¨little, light (skinned) one¨. It is common here to have nicknames based on your appearance, for example, el gordito (fat one), la negrita (dark-skinned one) etc. So, La Chelita both suits the white color of the car and the name of Brad´s loved one.


demetrius said...

i can vouch for the manliness of La Chelita.

demetrius said...
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swozniak said...