Monday, August 28, 2006

Ya estoy en Nicaragua...

There are smells for every occasion. During the holidays it's warm ginger bread, cookies and spices. During the summer it's the bay and sea spray. In my mother-in-laws house it's gormeh sabzi, rice, and garlic. During the spring it's cut grass and cherry blossoms. Home smells like musty basements and your best friends house smells like a dog.

When I got off of my flight 985 to Managua on August 26th at 6:20 p.m. I inhaled my Nica memories through the pungent reak of Pine Sol. I could smell the recent, attentive cleaning given to the tarmac and the baggage claim. My feet hit the ground and I was in Nicaragua again. The slow motion flight and the holding pattern I have found myself flying for the past three years was over. I landed. And here I am in Nicaragua again. The smell of floor cleaner pierced my mind like a diver into a placid, clorine rich pool.

In Nicaragua everyone cleans their floors each day, sometimes multiple times during the day. So its not odd that this smell brought me back to the memories of my life here in 1999-2000 and for those few weeks in 2003.

Well I'm here in Managua on the morning of my second day in Nicaragua. I'm sitting in the Hotel Las Mercedes a high class joint across from the Aeropuerto Sandino anticipating a fun day traveling to San Ramon, Matagalpa a small town just north of the city of Matagalpa where Cynthia and I plan to set up camp for the year.

Entonces - Well Then...

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