Monday, August 28, 2006

Mr. T and me

We have been packing a lot endless amount of boxes from our apartment, bags for the cruise and suitcases for Nica. Although packing is tedious, it can be an adventure because of the odds and ends you (re) discover. This afternoon, as I was unpacking from the cruise and repacking for my next two weeks of wandering, I re-organized Brad's closet at his parent's house. I missed Brad in Nicaragua, so it was fun to look through some of his childhood treasures. One of the gems I found was Brad's old sticker collection (ha!) photo album filled with stickers (the joys of childhood). Flipping through pages of scratch n' sniff and ET images, I was surprised to find an entire page filled with stickers of Mr. T from the A Team and the Super Friends! Brad has always said he loved the A Team and Mr. T, and this was a testament to that devotion. Finding the page of stickers sketched into my mind a little piece of Brad's life long before we met in college. It was nice to feel like I was learning more about Brad despite the distance (US-Nica). As I gear up for the next round of packing (my stuff for Nica) and round of goodbyes, it's nice to know that, sometimes, you can learn a lot about the people you love even when you are far away from each other...geographically. Thanks Mr. T!

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