Saturday, November 11, 2006

Before I arrived in Nicaragua, I anticipated that my art would be a kind personal refuge in the same way it was at home. Fortunately, given my level of fluency, it has been more useful and has provided me with a great tool for communication.

Art has been one of the ways I have been able to connect with people of all ages…shared enthusiasm, interest, desire to learn new things.

Here is a picture that our friend´s son, Ramon (9), drew of San Ramon:

Currently, I am learning from a friend Hazel (Alvaro´s sister) how to paint landscapes that are characteristic of this area:

I would like to begin doing art projects with the children of the cooperatives involved in Brad´s research. While Brad and Alvaro are doing interviews the children are usually circled around watching (for as along as they can stay quiet and still-which is not long). When they can sit no longer, they become fascinated with the other foreign element in thier pueblo, La Chelita (who knew that a parked car could provide such entertainment). Instead, I imagine bringing crayons and paper so the kids can draw the animals on thier farms, things in the forest, etc. If anyone has any ideas for art projects that require very little or natural resources please send them my way!


nishat said...

Hi Cyn!! That sounds like a great way to add color to your life; and express the wonderful talents you have thru sharing the efforts with the children there! Pieter and I have created a curriculum for kids based on Ruhi 3; and one idea we had was to read them a story; or to learn a quote but then to draw out the words through pictures so it would be easier to learn! Maybe some inspiring words can be set to crayons and paint? Miss you and happy to see your artistic vision finding expression!!

anique said...

my most wondrous and talented cyncyn!!!! i'm sorry to have neglected you for so long, but i would love to call you. i've got many hours of phone cards, so let's make this happen. and i'm beginning the plans for a we need to chat.

te extrano mucho. . .