Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pasen Adelante!

Please come the greeting goes in Nicaragua.

Cynthia and I have settled on a second apartment together. Many of you have visited us at our last home in Highland Park, NJ. And others are living in our last home (hi Sham, Arian and Joa). For the record, our apartment at Adelaide Gardens was one of the sweetest places I have ever lived and that was because all of our friends and family visited. It had a cool spirit to it. The neighbors were great and it was nice and green during the summer.

So it was hard to try and top our last experience. But........I think this house might do it.

Here's our little casita where we'll share our third year of marriage!

Its a three bedroom, 0ne bathroom, home with a nice sized kitchen and a largeish living roomish greeting area. We have a small inner patio with an open ceiling where we can plant flowers. And we have very well maintained grounds around the house. In the rear there is a cute little backyard with an area for chairs and a table. (a little fuzzy).

Cynthia asked that I don't show the inner house until we get it decorated and we have lots of people inside... But I'll say that there are two guest bed rooms and guest beds so we're are open for business whenever a visitor (or four) want to come by...

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